Mobile Cricket Betting

Known as the gentleman’s game, cricket doesn’t very often live up to this reputation, especially in the modern era. Players are aggressive and determined, going to great lengths to ensure that they are on the winning side. Players have an incredible passion for the game, as do the fans. This is certainly true in Australia, which has one of the very best cricket teams in the world, and one of the most vocal fan bases around the globe. Because Australian fans are so excited any time the Australian team takes to the field, it is no wonder that cricket betting has taken off in such a big way.

Just take a look around any of the top online sports betting sites, and you will immediately notice that they all offer cricket betting options to Australian punters. Because it is now possible to place cricket bets from your mobile at literally at any time of the day or night, from anywhere, more and more people are able to get involved with this great type of sports betting from their mobile phones or iPad betting apps. Cricket is an interesting game. It is very predictable at times, but the unexpected is always expected. This makes for some incredible cricket betting options, and some great chances for all bettors to win big.

Cricket Betting Options Available

When it comes to online cricket betting, punters are able to wager on a whole variety of different outcomes. The simplest wager is cricket betting on the result of a match, or which team you think will win. However, you can get a bit more creative with how you bet. For instance, you might want to bet on which player you think will score the most runs, or take the most wickets. If you think somebody might score a century, or take a 5 wicket haul, then why not place cricket bets on that outcome.

Recently, it has become popular to bet on the number of sixes that will be hit. Particularly around the time of the big tournaments, like the Cricket World Cup for example, the top online sports betting sites offer some incredible cricket betting options, ranging from bonus deals, to special cricket bets, to a whole variety of different offers. So as these events begin to approach, it can be well worth your while to have a look around at a few of the online sports betting sites, and just keep up to date with what is being offered. You never know what bonuses you might be eligible for.

Online Cricket Bets is Easy

Because cricket betting is now available on your mobile, Aussie punters are able to do a whole lot of extra research right up until the moment they place their cricket bets. No time has to be wasted standing in line at a bookies office, nor filling out cricket betting forms. All of this can be done directly from your computer at home or at work. Online cricket betting also makes it really easy to compare all the odds that sportsbooks are offering. With just a few clicks, you can easily compare what is being offered, and make a good decision in terms of getting the very best odds possible.

We bring you the best mobile betting sites online and make sure that you can enjoy cricket betting on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other preferred device any time you choose!