Mobile Cycling Betting

The Grand Tours are the highlights of any Australian cycling betting fan’s year, and the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España events see online wagering go into overdrive. The races, which take place over 21 stages and three weeks, are known to make or break the careers of the athletes taking place, and can make a tidy packet for savvy bettors too.

The good news is that you are no longer tethered to your desktop or laptop computer when it comes to taking part in cycling betting, and can do so from your smartphone instead. Whether it is a Blackberry, Android betting apps, Windows phone or iOS device, you can now log in to your mobile Australian sportsbook account and get all the information you require on the athletes taking part, markets, prices as well as the latest news on injuries and race placements. All by means of the handheld device you are carrying with you all day every day anyway.

Mobile Cycling Sportsbooks

We have done all the leg work for you, and a have a list of the very best Australian mobile sportsbooks for cycling betting right here on this website. Easily browse the information you require, find the best markets and prices available online, and lay your wagers in the complete safety and security the Australian mobile sportsbook provides. You will be able to place your bets from wherever you happen to be, and can take advantage of the quiet moments of your day to get involved in this world class sport by means of your smart device.

Cycling Betting Options at Mobile Sportsbooks

There is a wide array of different wagers available for cycling betting, and this variety is one of the reasons it is such a popular sport to lay bets on. There are simpler, more straightforward bets for those who prefer them, and wagers that have a little more complexity to them as well, and you are simply asked to select your preference, lay your wager and watch the race unfold.

Perhaps the most popular wager for cycling betting is the outright winner, a bet that requires you to hazard a guess as to the individual you feel is most likely to win the race complete. Each way bets are slightly more involved, and essentially consist of two bets, one on the winner of the race and one on placement alone. You could end up winning twice on an each way bet, as the winner can be said to have taken first place, and it is also a good way to hedge your bets if you are struggling to choose between the athletes taking part.

Cycling Betting Tips

It is not simply the level of skill and experience of the athlete taking part that determines the winner of one of the Grand Tours, as a number of outside factors come into play as well. Enthusiasts who enjoy laying wagers on these races recommend that one always takes the weather into account, since this has a massive effect on the cyclists taking part. A thorough knowledge of the history of the individuals taking part in the race is always helpful too, and can go a long way towards predicting how he or she will fare in the one you are watching.

Explore your mobile cycling betting options at one of the Australian mobile sportsbooks we have available on this website, and start enjoying the great convenience of being able to lay a wager from wherever you are.