Mobile Golf Betting

Until quite recently, Golf was thought of as a very elite sport and was only really played and watched by members of the privileged upper classes. Today this has really changed, mostly thanks to the evolving world of technology. It’s much easier and more accessible to watch games on electronic devices, and the game has been opened up to a much wider audience. Now that so many more people are aware of it, the world of golf betting has also really expanded and the options in online and mobile Australian sportsbooks are really enjoyable and rewarding. You can use your iPad betting apps, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or other device to stay on top of all the action and your daily life at the same time.

Golf can seem simple at first, but actually involves a lot of skill. Players have to hit a small ball to move it in the direction they want at the speed they want, and this takes a lot of precision. There’s also the human factor, which can really affect a game’s outcome. In one moment of doubt, a clear winner can become far less of a sure thing. In the same way, many an underdog has won a tournament by staying strong and alert.

Watching professionals play this highly sophisticated game is very enjoyable, especially if you have money riding on the results. With tournaments going on throughout the year, you should always find some exciting golf betting action. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve put some guidelines together here.

The Basics of Golf Betting on Mobile

The most basic decision you need to make when betting on golf tournaments is where you’ll actually be doing it. You need to choose a site that offers as many different types of golf bets as possible, Almost all decent mobile Australian golf betting sites follow the major tournaments, and some of the ones we review offer lesser-known or more local events as well. Choose a sportsbook that offers you the games you want to punt on in the way that you want to.

Once you’ve chosen your bookie, you must decide what golf bets to place when you visit. There are many different options when punting on golf tourneys including predicting the overall winner, naming the players to make the cut and saying which players will place where. You can also put money down on individual matchups, and there are several other exotic punts to discover on your journey.

It’s actually a good idea to budget a lot of your bankroll for the matchups in golf betting, because you only have to focus on one thing – which of two players will be ranked higher at the end of a tournament. This makes clear thinking and winning much easier, and a little research into the contenders is usually all that’s needed to bet with confidence. Whenever you’re considering which golf bets to place, look at the available matchups first.

Win with Golf Bets on the Go

Like the game itself golf betting can seem simple at first, but the more you do it the more layers you will see and understand. It’s easy to learn, but is just as difficult to stop and with today’s wireless devices you’ll never need to! Start your exciting golf punting career at one of our reviewed mobile Australian sportsbooks today.