Mobile Greyhound Betting

Whether you are using a Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android betting app, our aim is the same. We want to help you find and enjoy your own ultimate mobile Australian sportsbook experiences – from choosing the events and sites that suit you best, to offering you great advice on different wagers, races and sports. Bearing this in mind, we’ve drawn up some guidelines on greyhound betting.

These beautiful animals are the second-fastest land mammals, and have been the canine companions for many great figures throughout history. After seeing them in action it’s not hard to see why, and there is nothing that beats finding out the hound you backed has come in first. To learn more about wagering on these exciting events, read on here.

Greyhound Betting for Beginners

No matter where you are in your punting career, there are greyhound racing options for you at the mobile Australian sportsbooks we review. Generally bets fall into one of two categories: Parimutuel or Pool Bets, and Fixed Odds Bets. As the names suggest, in Pool Bets all wagers of the same kind are put together and payouts are divided among the winners after the race while in Fixed Odds Bets your odds are set at the time you put money down. A good way to decide which system to use is to watch how the odds behave in different races, and this will get easier as you become more familiar with Greyhound betting. To start this process, get to know the most common options in the list below.

  • The Straight and Place Bets are the simplest options, reward you for correctly naming the dog who comes first or places second or third. An Each Way Bet combines the two, paying out the full amount if your pick comes first or in part if it comes second or third.
  • In an Exacta, also known as a Straight Forecast or a Perfecta, you must predict the hounds who will come first and second, and these dogs must place in that order. The Reverse Forecast or Quiniela is almost the same, but her the placing order doesn’t matter.
  • In Superfecta and Trifecta wagers you must predict the first four or first three finishers respectively.
  • For Head-to-Head Bets, you need to say which of two specific hounds you think will place higher.
  • In Over/Under wagers you put money on whether the first- and second-placed dogs’ winning distance will be over or under the distance that the bookie predicts.
  • You’ll be betting on whether the winner’s number will be odd or even in Winning Trap Bets.
  • As your confidence grows you might want to bring different wagers together on one ticket in a Multiple Bet, where you can make up to twelve selections at a time. The risk is high because all your picks must win for you to be paid out, but the tempting returns are equally large. Try these wagers after you’ve been in the greyhound betting world for a while.
  • There are also many exotic wagers to discover as you gain more experience. These change regularly and help keep things fresh and exciting.

Mobile Greyhound Racing Bets

The more time you spend on Greyhound betting, the more your insight and appreciation for the activity will grow. This is easier than ever before, and the mobile Australian sportsbooks we review here mean you can carry world-class entertainment in your pocket wherever you go. Start your exciting Greyhound punting adventures today – you won’t look back!