Mobile Tennis Betting

The fast-paced action of tennis makes it a thrilling game to play and watch, and even more exciting to put money on. With today’s iPad, iPhone betting apps, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android mobile devices, you can take your fun with you wherever you go. Every spare moment has become the perfect opportunity to bet and win, without missing anything that’s happening in the rest of your life. We’ve reviewed all the best mobile Australian sportsbooks for you, but before you start placing your own tennis wagers check out our guidelines below.

Tennis Match Betting on Mobile

Tennis is one of only a few competitive sports subdivided into categories, each with exciting tennis betting prospects. Firstly, two individuals or two pairs can be pitted against each other in singles or doubles matches respectively. These categories are then divided into men’s and women’s divisions, and mixed doubles where two man/woman pairings go up against each other. You might find it easier to understand, predict and successfully bet on one type of game over the others, and may want to focus on that, or might want to diversify and tennis bet on all types of matches. Give yourself time to investigate all the match categories in tennis betting available at the mobile Australian sportsbooks we review and decide which way you want to go.

Mobile Tennis Bets Types

The different tennis game types are not the only thing that adds exciting variation to tennis wagering. You can also place several different types of tennis bets. You’ll soon get to know them all and will know which you most prefer and which work best in different situations. For example, as the players’ physical fitness changes and their standings change, you might change your mind about tennis betting on them for an entire tourney win and might want to focus on one match only. To get you started, we’ve explained the most common wagers here.

  • For simple Outright Bets, you just say who you believe will win a tourney or get to the finals.
  • In Set Bets, you can specify scores and winners of the sets within a match.
  • A Match Bet focuses on the matches within a tournament rather than the tourney results themselves. Focus on the match and pay no attention to the overall tournament outcome.
  • For even more adrenaline, you can often enjoy live tennis betting and place wagers in response to the action that unfolds. You’ll appreciate this even more as you become more experienced and better at analysing the odds as they’re changing.
  • To keep things interesting, many mobile Australian sportsbooks add a twist by allowing you to tennis bet not on who you think will win, but on who you think will lose. This is an interesting way to change your perspective and keep you on your toes.

Betting in Tennis Championships

The great tennis championships and the matches that lead up to them, including Wimbledon and our own spectacular Australian Open, are something very special and represent the very best in tennis betting. When placing tennis bets here, pay attention to the whole event and how all factors affect each other. Precursor matches usually give great insight into the tourneys themselves, and will help you decide where to spend your bankroll.

You have to keep your wits about you when tennis betting, making it one of the most popular games with savvy punters. Get in on all this excitement today by visiting one of our reviewed mobile Australian sportsbooks and putting some money down on a tennis game or two.